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Rules Directly Affecting Providers

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NDIS Code of Conduct and Guidelines for NDIS providers and workers

  • Sets out the NDIS Code of Conduct which applies to all NDIS providers and persons employed or otherwise engaged by them, regardless of whether they are registered.
  • Guidance will be circulated which will explain the expectations of NDIS providers and workers in complying with the NDIS Code of Conduct.

Incident Management and Reportable Incidents

  • Requires all registered NDIS providers to manage certain incidents that happen in connection with providing supports or services to people with disability.
  • Sets out the decisions and actions the NDIS Commission can take in relation to a reportable incident , including requiring the provider to undertake specified remedial action, carry out an internal investigation about the incident, or engage an independent expert to investigate and report on the incident.

Complaints Management and Resolution

  • Provides for decisions and actions the NDIS Commission can take in responding to a complaint about any issue connected with supports or services provided by an NDIS provider.
  • Requires all registered NDIS providers to manage complaints they receive about the supports and services they provide.
  • Providers must make information available about how to make a complaint to the provider and to the NDIS Commissioner, and must keep records about complaints that they receive.

Worker Screening

  • Requires all registered NDIS providers to only engage workers in certain roles if they have an NDIS Worker Screening Check clearance, and to manage requirements surrounding the NDIS Worker Screening Check.
  • Sets out the transitional arrangements in New South Wales and South Australia for screening workers while the new national NDIS Worker Screening Check is being introduced.


Behaviour Support and Restrictive Practices


  • Outlines reporting and oversight arrangements to reduce and eliminate the use of restrictive practices in the NDIS.
  • Sets out the conditions of registration for providers delivering specialist behaviour support and providers who use restrictive practices in the course of delivering NDIS supports and transition arrangements for transitioning providers.
  • Requires providers to comply with any state and territory authorisation arrangements in relation to the use of restrictive practices.

Provider Registration and NDIS Practice Standards, Quality Indicators

  • States which NDIS providers must be registered.
  • Outlines the suitability requirements for providers and key personnel to become registered.
  • Requires providers to notify the NDIS Commission of material changes.
  • Incorporates the NDIS Practice Standards, which establish the national standards and expectations of registered NDIS providers relevant to the supports or services provided.
  • Provides for the publication of an NDIS Register to include details about a provider’s registration and relevant compliance action.
  • Sets out the criteria by which NDIS providers demonstrate compliance with the NDIS Practice Standards.

Protection and Disclosure of Information

  • Prescribes rules and guidance in relation to the NDIS Commissioner’s disclosure powers.
  • Prescribes state and territory laws that may mean that a person is not required to give information or evidence or produce a document, despite a requirement from the NDIS Commissioner.

Provider Definition

  • Defines an NDIS provider to include a person or entity who is providing supports or services to older people with disability who are receiving continuity of support under the Commonwealth Continuity of Support Programme relating to Specialist Disability Services for Older People.

Policy Library

This is a list of some of our NDIS Policy library.  There are another 150 specialised policies that be used on request.  The Basic Core Policies and Auditor needs to see consists of around 40-50 of the key policies relating to the supports you are approved for.


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Abandonment of Duty Policy 
Aggressive Behaviour Policy 
Alcohol Drugs Policy 
Bullying Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure 
Clinical-Governance Policy and Procedure 
Development and Review Policy and Procedure 
Assault and Assault Guidelines Policy 
Assessment Policy 
Behaviour Management Policy 
Behaviour Support Plan Policy 
Business Continuity Policy 
Client does not respond to a scheduled visit Policy 
Client Incident Response, Reporting and Investigation Policy and Procedure 
Client Intake Process Policy 
Communication Policy 
Community Clients Smoking Policy 
Complaints Policy 
Consent Policy 
Consumer Health Records Policy 
Contractual Agreements Policy 
Critical Incident Management Policy 
Customer Feedback Policy 
Customer Information Privacy Policy 
Death Of A Client Policy 
Disciplinary Action Policy 
Diversity and Equal Employment Policy Opportunity
Finance Policy 
Financial Management Office Policy 
Freedom from Abuse Neglect and Exploitation Policy 
Governance of the Organisation Policy 
Health Safety and Well-being Policy 
Home Visit Policy 
Home Visiting Risk Response Guide Policy 
Human Resource Management Policy 
Identification Tag Policy 
Incident Management Policy 
Inclusion and Diversity Policy 
Infection Control Policy 
Informed Consent Policy 
Learning and Development Policy 
Managing a critical incident Policy 
Manual Guide to Supervision Policy 
NDIS Plan Implementation and Quotes Policy 
Open Disclosure Policy 
Police Check Policy 
Policy Making Policy 
Privacy and Confidentiality Policy 
Privacy Statement Policy 
Quality and Improvement Policy 
Records Management Policy 
Orientation Procedure 

Recruitment and Selection Policy 
Review Form Policy 
Policy Review Policy
Reviewing and Developing Position Descriptions Policy 
Risk Assessment Policy 
Safe Storage of Equipment Policy 
Setting up your workstation WHS Policy 
Sexual Harassment Guidelines Policy 
Smoking Policy 
Social Needs Support Plan Policy 
Special Occasion Gifts Policy 
Staff Code of Conduct Policy 
Staff Language Policy 
Staff Multiculturalism Policy 
Staff Police Checks Policy 
Staff Security Policy 
Staff Uniforms Policy 
Staff weekly travel record Policy 
Strategic Direction Policy 
Telephones Mobile Phone Wireless Policy Electronic Devices Policy
Theft Policy 
Vehicles Policy 
Working with Children Check Policy 
Police Check Procedure 
Programs and Services Development Procedure 
Record Keeping Procedure 
Risk Management Procedure 
When a new client rings up Procedure 
WHS Issue Resolution Procedure 
Client Rights Charter
Client Services Profile
Accident Incident Register Form 
Agency Staff Sign On-Off Sheet Form 
Basic Client Intake Assessment Form 
Client Compliment Comment Complaint Form 
Client Consent Form 
Client Death Notification Form 
Client Incident Form 
Client Information Form 
Client Service Agreement Form 
Code of Conduct and Agreement Form 
Compliment Comment Complaint Form 
Continuous Improvement Register Form 
CQI log Form 
Credentialing and Scope of Practice Form Confirmation Form 
Disciplinary Action Staff/Student Form 
Employee Incident Staff Form 
Equipment Loaned Returned Form 
Exit Feedback Staff Form 
Feedback Compliments and Complaints Form 
Personnel Employment Procedure 
Working with Children Check Procedure 

Grievance staff Form 
Individual Performance Development Review Form 
Individual Service Agreement Form 
Intake & Assessment 1+2 Form 
Medication Management Form 
Medication Plan and Chart Form 
Non Prescription Medication Plan and Chart Form 
OHS Incident Near Miss Register Form 
Orientation Checklist Form 
Privacy Confidentiality and Security Agreement Form 
PRN Medication Plan and Chart Form 
Professional Development Calendar Form 
Profile Report Form 
Progress Notes Form 
Request Form 
Risk Assessment Checklist for Home Visits Form 
Service Agreement Form 
Service Request Form 
Staff Time sheets Form 
Support Plan Form 
Support Plan Attachment Form 
Support Plan Extra 1+2 Form 
WHS Accident Or Incident Or Near Miss Register Form 
WHS Client Environment Checklist Form 
Care Plan Template 
Client Home WHS Checklist 
From Client Home WHS Environment Checklist
Access and Inclusion for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities Procedure 
Access and Inclusion for LGBTIQ People Procedure 
Access and Inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Procedure 
Archiving Retention and Disposal of Consumer Health Records Procedure 
Assets and Resource Management Procedure 
Client Incident Response, Reporting, and Investigation Procedure 
Collection Use and Sharing of Personal and Sensitive Information Procedure 
Consumer Complaints and Feedback Procedure 
Consumer Engagement Procedure 
Customer Rights and Responsibilities Procedure 
Incident Management Procedure 
Information Management Procedure 
Management Structure and Processes Procedure 
Open Disclosure Procedure 
Organisational Reporting Procedure 

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How long does it take to complete ?

Once we have the okay to go ahead, and have received the deposit, we will initiate the assessment and from the time we receive the information we need to start, we will have your draft policies ready for review within 7-10 days.


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We provide revisions based on the required specifications which you have a chance to provide as part of the initial registration process.    We gaurantee satisfaction with our service and will ensure that this occurs before you pay the final payment.


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The NDIS Commission has reviewed our policies and we have had our policies reviewed and approved my various NDIS auditors throughout the country over the last couple of years and we have passed 100% of the time, every time.


Do you just copy and paste or are they customised ?

Your policies a customised using basic templates that are core legislation requirements in the industry.  Branded, itemised and tailor made to suit your company and your services.

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