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Government Application fees

Application type Description Fee
Single care type Application for approved provider status for 1 care type (e.g. home care only). Applicants may be new or existing approved providers. $9,260
2 care types Application for approved provider status for 2 care types (e.g. home care and residential care). Applicants may be new or existing approved providers. $10,680
3 care types Application for approved provider status for all care types (home care, residential care and flexible care). New applicants only. $12,370
Government organisation Government organisations (specifically states, territories, authorities of a state or territory, and local government authorities) are approved to deliver all types of aged care. They don’t have to be assessed, but they do need to register for approved provider status. They don’t pay an application fee. $0

Aged Care Reform Updates

The aged care reform roadmap represents a point-in-time overview of major reform activities. Actual timing and activities are dependent on a number of factors and are subject to change.

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An “accredited provider” refers to an organization granted formal approval by the Commission to offer Australian Government-subsidized home, residential, or adaptable care services to eligible elderly Australians.

A Commission-approved organization that delivers aged care services is entitled to receive financial support, or subsidy, from the Australian Government.

This subsidy is granted for delivering specific categories of care and services to elderly care recipients in alignment with the Aged Care Act 1997.

 Organizations can receive approval to provide various types of aged care and services, including:


Flexible Care

This category encompasses a range of services, such as multi-purpose

services, innovative care, transition care, and short-term restorative


Organizations interested in offering one or more of these

aforementioned services are required to undergo the formal approval

process with the Commission.

Home Care

Please consult the consumer manual or provider manual for

comprehensive details regarding this service.

Residential Aged Care

These are facilities designed for elderly individuals who can no longer

reside in their own homes.


Care Provider Compliance

At Rapid Policies Australia, we understand the complexities of compliance within the Aged Care sector. Whether you operate in Home Care or Residential Care, ensuring that your policies and procedures align with national standards and specific state regulations is paramount. That’s where we come in – your dedicated partner in Aged Care Provider Compliance.


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Our Aged Care Compliance Services

Rapid Policies Australia specializes in crafting meticulously tailored

compliance documents for Aged Care Providers across all states of

Australia. Our comprehensive services cover both Home Care and

Residential Care, ensuring that your organization remains on the right

side of the law while delivering exceptional care to our elderly


Why Choose Rapid

Policies Australia

for Your Aged Care



1. Expertise in Aged Care Compliance:

Our team of experienced professionals brings in-depth knowledge of

the Aged Care industry. We stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving

regulations and standards set by government bodies, including the

Australian Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (AACQSC). This

expertise enables us to create policies and procedures that are not just

compliant but also practical for your day-to-day operations.

2. State-Specific Compliance:

We recognize that Aged Care regulations can vary between states and

territories in Australia. Our documents are meticulously crafted to be

both state-specific and compliant with national standards. This ensures

that your organization adheres to the unique requirements of your

region while meeting the broader guidelines set forth by the AACQSC.

3. All-Inclusive Aged Care Services:

Whether you are involved in Home Care, Residential Care, or both, our

services cover the entire spectrum of Aged Care. From medication

management to resident rights, our documents comprehensively

address all aspects of care provision, making it easier for your

organization to maintain compliance.

4. Up-to-Date with 2024 Changes:

In 2023/24, significant changes have been introduced to the Aged Care

sector to improve the quality and safety of services. Rapid Policies

Australia is at the forefront of these changes, ensuring that our

compliance documents are updated to reflect the latest standards. This

means that your organization can confidently navigate the new

landscape and provide the best care possible.

Our Process

Our commitment to your Aged Care compliance begins with a thorough consultation. We take  the time to understand your organization’s unique needs and operational specifics.

From there, we meticulously craft state-specific policies and procedures that align with the latest regulations. Our documents are designed to be clear, practical, and easy to implement, ensuring that your staff can seamlessly follow compliance protocols.



Experience the Peace of Mind of Aged Care Compliance

By choosing Rapid Policies Australia as you compliance partner, you can focus on what matters most:

providing high-quality care to the elderly.

With our tailored, state-specific compliance documents, you’ll be well-prepared for audits and can confidently navigate the intricate landscape  of Aged Care regulations.

Don’t let compliance challenges hold you back.

Contact Rapid Policies Australia today and let us empower your Aged Care organization to thrive while maintaining the highest standards of care and safety up to and beyond 2024.






Why Choose Us

We can get your policies done Rapidly and Professionally.  There are few companies out there that have the experience and expertise to develop the much needed documents required to meet the Commissions standards.  We strategically piece together your policies to ensure you are fully covered


NDIS, Aged Care and Childcare compliant


No more stress in your audits


Fast and efficient service


Operating since 2017


Servicing Australia wide


Editable documents provided


Our mission is to provide you with a Rapid and Professional service to a high standard so that you are compliant with the NDIS Commission


We expect to be the standard for policy development for small to medium businesses in the NDIS, Aged Care, Childcare and healthcare space


Our Values are Reliability, Efficiancy, Friendliness and good communication from the begining to the end of our services

"Thank you for your service, we have been approved to start our NDIS provider service"

-Richard F

"Rapid Policies were very professional and dealt with our needs very quick and we were very happy with their services".

-Elaine T

"We engaged Rapid Polices to help us put Policies together for our NDIS registration renewal. We passed the audit and are very appreciative".

-Lisa S

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to complete ?

Once we have the okay to go ahead, and have received the deposit, we will initiate the assessment and from the time we receive the information we need to start, we will have your draft policies ready for review within 7-10 days.


What if i am not satisfied with the Policies ?

We provide revisions based on the required specifications which you have a chance to provide as part of the initial registration process.    We gaurantee satisfaction with our service and will ensure that this occurs before you pay the final payment.


Will my Policies be approved by the State and National Standards ?

The NDIS Commission, Aged Care and Childcare Govt Compliance Bodies have reviewed our policies and we have had our policies reviewed and approved my various auditors throughout the country over the last couple of years and we have passed 100% of the time, every time.


Do you just copy and paste or are they customised ?

Your policies a customised using basic templates that are core legislation requirements in the industry.  Branded, itemised and tailor made to suit your company and your services.

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